What’s in a name?

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Starting a Venture

Since last year I have been working tediously and excitingly to start my own venture. And of course the first question is what the new chiropractic practice will be called. It has to have a name, a name that not only reflects the feelings and vibe you want to create in your practice, but it also needs to tie in with the mission and vision of the practice. And then, of course, it just needs to sound nice, have a good flow, and make people want to visit you. All in all quite a bit to ponder about. Which I did 🙂

A lot of brainstorming (driving my girlfriend completely crazy in the process) and getting input from others have gone into the decision of my brandname. We had a ‘shortlist’ of 10 by some point, then 5, then 3, then 2, and then viola! Chiropractie Touch of Health was born.

Finally a Name

We considered a variety of names to compliment and resonate with the practice that was being envisioned. Chiropractie Vintage Health and Chiropractie Sterk & Gezond were 2 such names considered. Chiropractie Vintage Health was initially a good choice for me. I thought of vintage cars being all shiny and well looked after, the same as one would do to your own body. Vintage is also a buzzword of the time, used in marketing of clothing as an example. However, vintage did reflect on older age, so it would have been confusing perhaps. Chiropractie Sterk & Gezond translates to Chiropractic Strong & Healthy – yes, the Dutch are very literal, so this name can come over very strongly, but in a good way though! On the other hand, Strong & Healthy could have been too strong and instructive. So, after much consideration and input from a few trusted clients, and people I have a ‘click’ with, including my yoga teacher, the word ‘touch’ came strongly to the forefront.

Meaning of the name

Touch embodies the chiropractic premise of “hands-on”. The word ‘Chiro’ means ‘hand’ in Greek, and Chiropractic translates to ‘done by hand’ in Greek. Touch also gave off a warm, caring energy, and seemed to balance the masculine and feminine energies well. The yin and the yang.

So let’s mention Health – Touch of Health. Health personifies our aim, our mission for our clients in the practice. Chiropractic was born on the basis of proper nervous system function. The nervous system is also refer to as the master system, i.e. the one system controlling and regulating all others. Chiropractic adjustments have an extremely positive effect on the nervous system, and hence, have an influence on the wellbeing of the entire body! Whereas many may think that chiropractic is merely a modality for back and neck pain, “Touch of Health” tries to exemplify the health effect of the chiropractic adjustment on the entire living system – your wonderful body. Touch of Health in this sense represents true healthcare, assisting the body in a natural way towards better function and balance.

Chiropractie Touch of Health is proud to be of service!

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